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"For you, a thousand times over." -Khaled Hosseini
Welcome to NLC ALC English!

New English teacher. New paint on the walls.  New plants - some with names.  

My name is Heather and I am the English teacher at the NLC this year.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to make a difference with the kids inside of our walls.  I transferred here from a school on the range with a bag full of tricks to teach students English and how to be successful adults.  Here is my schedule during the day:
1st hour Language Arts 7/8
2nd Language Arts 11/12
3rd Language Arts 10
4th Language Arts 9
LUNCH Consume and Refuel
5th Health 9, 10 and 7/8 (rotating days)
6th Film as Art
7th Arts & Crafts
My philosophy:  We all have a unique journey.  Each of us requires our most basic needs met before we can move forward with learning, processing, and building.  I believe in meeting each student where they are at.  This requires relationship.  Respect.  Trust.  Kids first.  English second.
My resume:  I have been a Lecturer, Substitute, Title I Para, Advisor, Drama coach, English teacher, stay-at-home mom
My home life:  I live closer to Duluth with a fiance (soon-to-be husband), three daughters (15, 13, and 2), and two kittens.  
My passions:  Jeeps, audiobooks, plants/gardening, sewing, cooking, traveling, the Vikings

It is easiest to contact me through email.  Phone calls are difficult for privacy and focus/distraction and should be used as a last resort.  I am happy to share and plan together to guide your student to success!  Email me at the below link:


Contact: Heather Goette