Region 3 Low Incidence Project

The purpose of the Region 3 Low Incidence Project is to provide free appropriate public education (FAPE) and equitable services for learners with low incidence disabilities throughout Northeast Minnesota. The State Low Incidence Projects seek to minimize the impact of regional differences and staffing patterns in the low incidence (LI) disability areas. The purpose and vision for the Projects are the same statewide. Each LI Project is unique and operates in a format which best supports building local capacity within their school districts thru the most efficient and cost effective manner. Region 3 needs are identified annually through surveys, evaluations, interviews and other input from special and regular education administrators, students, parents, regular and special education teachers, related service providers and local and regional community agencies.

The Region 3 Low Incidence Project serves learners in 40 school districts within 7 counties.

The region covers 18, 682 square miles.