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Staff Directory
     Katie Heimdal - Executive Director
     Bryan Carey - Dean of Students
     Christi Sickel - Assistant Director of Special Education
     Jackie Ward - Assistant Director of Special Education
     Christa Clark - Special Ed Coordinator
     Hannah Helander - Special Ed Coordinator
     Amanda Slattery - Special Ed Coordinator
     Tina Fredrickson - Assistant Special Ed Director
     Chris Hautala - Coordinator of Early Intervening Services
     Melissa Maki - Assistant to the Executive Director
     Candace Nelis - Business Manager
     Shelly Moe - HR Specialist/Payroll
     Dano Hess - Intervention Specialist
     Katie Alto - Third Party Billing Coordinator
     Tina Johnson - MARSS Coordinator
     Sarah Callister - Check & Connect Mentor
     Rachel Larson - NLC Secretary
     Dana Davis
     Grant Sparstad
     Dawn Roppe
     Linda Swanson
     Nicole Ties
     Maggie West
Early Childhood Special Education
     Ronda Bernard
     Kelsey Borchert
     Shelby Corey-Semo
     Kayla Evans
     Wendy Jordan
     Laura Gregorich
     Elizabeth Oberstar
     Lindsay Rones
     Eliina Sandstrom
     Jessica Thayer
     Samanthla Tviet
Elementary Focus Teachers
     Melinda Asuma
     Amiah Akerson
     Haley Bloomquist
     Erik Dinsmore
     Sophia Magnuson
     Jeff Zupetz
     Amanda Murfin
     Steven Saari
Mid-Level Focus
     Jenna Holtorf
Secondary Focus Teachers
     Alyssa Blake
     Aaron Nielsen
     Eric Larson
     Khoriana Vaerconum
ALC Teachers
     Dennis Gauthier
     Chad Olson
     Cynthia Parsons
Itinerant Staff
     Kathleen Baxter - Achievement Assessor
     Teresa Geiselman - Achievement Assessor
     Deborah Filander - Achievement Assessor
     Amy Raboin - Achievement Assessor
     Desiree Tomczak - Achievement Assessor
     Martha Klekotka - Due Process Facilitator
     Susan Ostman - Due Process Facilitator
     Paul Schwab - DAPE
     Mikayla Chromy - Deaf and Hard of Hearing
     Janeen Kleffman - Deaf and Hard of Hearing
     Amanda Claesson - Occupational Therapist
     Katie Feldt - Occupational Therapist
     Angela Finseth - Occupational Therapist
     Angela Kramer - Occupational Therapist
     Katie Thelen - Occupational Therapist
     Melanie Weber - Physical Therapist
     Rachel Eisenhuth - Physical Therapist
     Kelsey Everson, Physical Therapist
     Annika Lein - Speech & Language Pathologist
     Carrie Victor - Speech & Language Pathologist
     Haley Chopp - Teacher of Blind/Visually Impaired
     Kathleen Fischer - Vision
Bridge to Independence (18 - 21)
     Stacie Baribeau
     Kim Griffin
Staff Directory
Participating District Staff
     ISD 166 Cook County
     ISD 361 International Falls
         Falls Elementary School
         Falls High School
     ISD 695 Chisholm
     ISD 696 Ely
     ISD 707 Nett Lake
     ISD 712 Mt. Iron/Buhl
     ISD 2142 St. Louis County
     ISD 2711 Mesabi East
     ISD 6076 Northland Learning Center
     ISD2909 Rock Ridge
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